What are rankings?

Ranking shows your position in the search results for a specific keyword. 

For example, the keyword "is your content made for kids" gets number 1 for "Rank" meaning that when people type in the search field on YouTube "is your content made for kids", our video comes first.

You can click on the button "YouTube SERP" (Search Engine Results Pages) to see the first 50 search results on YouTube for a keyword you track. 

You can track how the ranking for a certain keyword changes overtime. The green arrow shows that your video climbed up in the search result whereas the red arrow depicts a drop in the ranking. 

We also show search volume for each keyword that you add. 

How to add keywords?

Head to "Add keywords", type or copy&paste keywords by pressing TAB, ENTER or using a comma. You can also import them from a CSV file. When you are ready, hit "Save". 

How many keywords can I track?

The amount of keywords that you can track simultaneously depends on your plan. Check out our pricing page here: https://www.tubics.com/pricing/

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