Learn with Matthias how to do YouTube Keyword Research with tubics and get more views on YouTube. Learn more on Video SEO and sign up for free at https://tubics.com.

Our YouTube Keyword Research tool gives you YouTube keyword suggestions based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords. 

Unleash the power of unlimited keyword suggestions and search volumes! Optimize your YouTube keywords, titles and descriptions with our real-time YouTube SEO content analysis. 

Our YouTube SEO keyword research tool checks if you use your focus keyword enough and in the right spots.tubics’ free YouTube Keyword Resarch tool lets you define keyword templates for every single playlist or video series. 

Similar keywords are considered to positively affect traffic from YouTube Suggestions. 

This means that your channel’s videos can get suggested more often after your video is finished.

Our free YouTube Keyword Research tool features a simple traffic light system and helps suggest a few ‘best practice’ YouTube SEO techniques: 

  • Red means your YouTube SEO is terrible
  • Orange means it’s OK, but could be improved 
  • Green means it’s great! 

For this system to work, you must set a focus keyword or phrase for each video. 

tubics will then check your content and gives you tips how to improve YouTube SEO results.

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