The tubics score grades your channel from 0-100 points. 

100 points means that your channel is perfectly set up and your audience feedback is outstandingly good.

For the score we take into account a wide range of SEO success factors that benefit channel growth, proprietary tubics data as well as data pulled via the YouTube Data API namely

  • channel name
  • date of channel creation
  • channel description
  • channel tags
  • channel art
  • featured channels
  • upload frequency
  • video titles
  • video descriptions
  • thumbnails
  • video tags
  • video resolution
  • # of subscribers
  • # of comments
  • # of likes
  • # of videos

Video and channel metadata that is vital for SEO (e.g. video titles and descriptions) get scored via tubics' traffic light system. tubics evaluates your data and gives you actionable recommendations that are split in three categories:

  • Passed: No changes needed. Your videos are doing well in this matter. 
  • To Improve: To get more organic views for your videos we'd recommend taking  some actions that might benefit the discoverability of your channel.  
  • Error: To improve your SEO there are immediate actions required.

More details you can find in the audit section.

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