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Content Score for YouTube Channels

Learn how it’s calculated

Assessing a YouTube channel's content quality can be challenging at times. Some channels depend solely on paid advertisements and artificially inflate their view and subscriber counts, even if their video content is of low quality. To address this issue, we have developed a statistical method for evaluating a channel's content.


Our proprietary metric, the Tubics Content Score, indicates how engaging a channel's video content is. We examine all of a channel's public videos and calculate four engagement metrics, as well as an overall total metric that is the sum of these four metrics averaged. In simple terms, we compare a channel's engagement to its view count.


Please see here how each metric is being evaluated and ranked:

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Channels that rely heavily on paid ads typically have low engagement rates (i.e., relatively few likes and comments per view) and receive lower scores than channels that produce relevant and engaging videos.


If your channel receives an A score, you can consider it relevant to your audience. If you haven't achieved an A yet, keep up the good work!